Tell a lie long enough and it will become the truth.

This statement has been credited to many origins, none of which would promote the security of either liberty or economics to mankind.   That’s why the lie is necessary.  The New World Odor Progressives, their News Media, Democrats and their gofer Obama could not come to power without the lie because Americans will not tolerate their agenda.

What the statement means is that what a society perceives as truth will become the normal standard.  What a society hears over and over it will eventually come to accept.  This tactic is a direct form of Hypnotism and is being used seditiously against the people of America and the whole world.

In her book How to Hypnotize Yourself and Others Rachel Copelan wrote “Every moment of the day and night, newspapers, billboards, radio announcers and television commercials are implanting harmful habits deeply into the mind.” The primary weapon in use is the Television.  Relaxation, concentration and suggestion are the basic conditions for hypnotism.  Add to this the secondary principle of repetition.  Then throw in emotions as boosters.  So the retailer wants you to sit down and relax, concentrate on their message and listen to their suggestions.   They repeatedly introduce emotional stimulus to make the effect stronger yet.  Thousands of big business manipulators put ideas in your mind and have found it highly effective.  So has your government.

The news media chooses our candidate by ridicule of those that don’t conform to the globalist agenda and ignoring the transgressions of conformists.  Government promotes a story line and repeats it for decades if necessary to get the public to accept it.  Examples of this are guns cause crime and manmade global warming.  Those that ask questions are brushed aside with an arrogant “it’s for the good of all,” or some such drivel and continue telling the lie intending that it become the truth.  While We the People live in hope that if we tell the truth long enough, it will remain the truth.  It’s time for America and her independent and patriotic citizens to stand their ground and speak “for the good of all.”

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